Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spiral Knights by Mettler15

Alright so recently "Steam" released a section of "Free to play" games. Along with this came a game called Spiral
Knights. Now realizing that this has been out for quite awhile I figured it was dead. I look around, and MANY have said this game was given a breath of life from being put on steam! This game is a diablo like view. While having an auction house, dungeon adventure type feel. Collecting loot, killing bosses, getting tokens. Upgrading in the game is SO satisfying! You go from skin tight close with maybe a shoulder pad, to star 2, 3, 4, 5 Each getting more bulky with armor or fur. Increasing defense against elements, etc. These leads to great replay ability. These levels you go through are FUN, they change up very often, while still having a challenge in the later tiers.

The learning curve is pretty high early on, but after acouple levels, you'll be feeling comfortable in the game. The game runs off of microtransactions called "mist". Each knight (characters) gets a tank that can hold up to 100 energy. This recharges over time (about 100 every 24hours) Now if you do decide to pay which I strongly suggest if your into the game at all. You get large, and I mean LARGE amount of energy. For example the 20 Dollar payment gives you 7,500 energy! x75 the amount of energy you normally have! This allows you to play more aggressively instead of the just acouple levels a day with your 100 energy tank. Overall this game gets very deep if you play into it. With many things to do such as upgrading gear, merching, bosses, and playing with friends! This game is a wonderful game to play whenever your bored, as your constantly doing something! I give this game 8.5/10 It's great for what it is, and the game itself is VERY small 300-400mb :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Been avoiding blogging with all the homework I've had, also been ridiculously busy. I will! Be back though new games to review some really good ones at that. I also might be changing the blog up abit adding in some tech news, maybe even a podcast who knows! Hope you all have a good day!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two Worlds 2

Two Worlds 2
Coming from Two worlds is the new Two worlds 2. Its much more refined and is a great RPG. The storyline is quite normal to most RPG's, yet has a stunning atmosphere. You go from deserts to jungles, and everywhere in between. With the amazing atmosphere you also need weapons, armor. Which they delivered on! Although Melee is button smashing, your able to switch to the other two classes: Mage and range. Your able to switch between these with their own appropriate armor and weapons. Mage is quite similar to "Magicka" allowing you to mix spells to create newer spells you didnt know about! Range class starts out slow but picks up farther in the game, and has its own place. Moving on to the gameplay. The AI isn't always the best sometimes, getting stuck and not responding. The game scenes are horribly long at times, but is able to be skipped and you can read the summary in the quest log. The idle animations, and moving animations are exceptionally smooth, and with camera views that wobble, and move to your direction make this seem and feel like new-age games. Its not the best RPG, but if you have ever liked a RPG this game is definitely worth checking out. The more your into this game, more you'll get out of it! I rate this game 7.5/10!